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"Anti-chambre", collaboration with Nathalie Hannecart, exhibition view, Bambois lake garden, 2023.
project for integration into the site, acrylic, silver and digital photographic collage.


"Les languissantes", collaboration with Nathalie Hannecart, exhibition view, Société libre d'Emulation, Liège, 2022.
Blue stones,
photosensitive liquid emulsion, red trays, water, red light.

"Le bataillon des songes", exhibition view, Grand-Ecart, Priory of Ansremme, 2022.
Mini-caddies, artificial mini-birds.

image00019 (2).jpg

"Freedom, my love", exhibition view, Grand-Ecart, citadel of Dinant, 2022.
5 Steel bases ( 90x80x40cm), broken glass, crystallized paving stones, magnifying lamps.


" All you need is love", exhibition view, FEROCE, Exit11 contemporary art center,  Petit-Leez castle, 2022.

Wax, pigments.



" Ophelie", collaboration with Nathalie Hannecart, exhibition view, ART6, Mesnil Eglise, 2021.

Video and photography installation, cyanotype, bathtub.


IMG_8421 internet.jpg

" All you need is love", exhibition view, FEROCE, Exit11 contemporary art center,  Petit-Leez castle, 2022.

Wax, pigments.


" Child's Play", exhibition view, 10th Prize for Young Sculpture, La Châtaigneraie, Flemalle, 2020.

25 x 20cm,

meat grinder, plasticine.


" Happy Valentine's", exhibition view, Room with Views, Namur, 2020.

200 x 125 x 10cm,

artificial roses, pigments, glue, shaving foam.

IMG_8418 internet.jpg

" Hydrolat lacrymal", collaboration with Aurélie Dops and Jean-Marc Nicoletti, visual and sound installation, exhibition view, Cultural Center High Sambre, Thuin, 2019.

" Anomaly", exhibition view, prize Louis Schmidt, ULB, Brussels, 2020.

65 x 95 x 80cm,

rough wooden park on wheels, mirror.


" Still life", exhibition view, Biennale art prize of the Baron Pierre Paulus, Châtelet, 2019.

162 x 130cm,

lithographic ink, dead roses on wood.


" Post-apocalypse", collaboration with Nathalie Hannecart, exhibition view, Salzinnes, 2019.

Installation, photosensitive liquid emulsion, stone.


" A nu", collaboration with Sofhie Mavroudis, integration project instead, exhibition view, Knust Festival, Brussels, 2019.


" Human sex", exhibition view, Libertés, Amazone, Brussels, 2019.

100 x 100cm,

modeling clay.


Untilted", exhibition view, Work in progress, PointCulture, Charleroi, 2019.

Porcelain, Cobalt oxide, hammer.

Aurélie Bay

" Remember a beautiful thought", exhibition view, The Artis't House, Wavre, 2018.

86 x 210 x 420cm,

Dollhouse, Glue, ink, light.

" Sky", exhibition view, residence, Tinos island, Greece, 2018.

Paper, metal, concrete.

Aurélie Bay

" At the heart of the banquise", exhibition view, Prize of plastic and visual Arts, Waux-Hall, Nivelles, 2018.

62 x 65 x 182cm,

freezer 620 Watts, led lighting blue.

Aurélie bay

" To define", exhibition view, Pêle-Mêle, Ixelles, 2017.

Gun, Mickey Mouse and Donal Duck melted.

" The living room", exhibition view, Prize of the Arts of Woluwé-Saint-Pierre, 2017.

180 x 180cm,

artificial lawn, armchair in red ska, television Loewe, loop video of 00:34 seconds, red shoe of size 39 burnt with the scalpel, pedestal table, reel of pink threads, soldiers of green plastic, soldier of plastic painted in pink.

Aurélie Bay Prix du Hainaut des Arts plastiques

" Untilted", exhibition view, Prize of the Hainaut of plastic Arts, Keramis Center, 2016.

Aurélie Bay exposition Etterbeek

" Determined", exhibition view, communal house Etterbeek, 2016.

20 x 20cm,

film shooting, inkjet printing, velvet hangings, needles.

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